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Learn Between

Intelligent learning platform that fits to your life

Learn Between is a mobile application designed to empower individuals by providing them with valuable knowledge and skills in easily digestible 15-minute sessions, thoughtfully scheduled and seamlessly integrated into their calendars. Time is a precious resource, and carving out dedicated learning periods can be a challenge in our hectic lives. That's why the app leverages the power of artificial intelligence to optimize learning experiences and make education more accessible, flexible, and engaging than ever before. The philosophy behind Learn Between is to break down complex subjects into bite-sized, manageable lessons that can be effortlessly absorbed during short intervals.


  • MOOC platforms typically offer a vast array of courses, catering to a broad range of learners. However, the one-size-fits-all approach may not effectively address individual learners' specific needs and preferences.

  • MOOCs often incorporate discussion forums and peer assessments, the collaborative aspect of learning can still be limited.

The challenge

  • Break down barriers to education by offering easily accessible learning opportunities for individuals with busy schedules. Optimise users' schedules by automatically scheduling learning sessions into their calendars.

  • understand users' learning preferences, track their progress, and provide personalized recommendations.

Project details

  • Role: UX  Lead & Chief Product Officer

  • Team: 8 (2 in design)

  • Budget: 1M (Round A Funding)

  • Timeframe:

    • Alpha: 4 Months​

    • Beta: 6 months

00. Learn Between principles

At the core, the app is guided by a set of principles that drive our approach to learning and shape the user experience. These principles embody our commitment to providing an exceptional learning environment that priorities accessibility, playfulness, user control, quality, progress, and measurable outcomes. Let's delve into these principles:

Access over technology

Quality over quantity

Playful over serious

Progress over perfection

Control over structure

Metrics over opinion

01. Discover

In order to develop an effective and innovative learning app, we embarked on an extensive discovery process that involved in-depth research into the history of distance learning, the market share of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), and the prevailing conventions within the MOOC landscape. This research formed the foundation of the app's development and guided our approach to creating a transformative learning experience. Let's explore the key insights we gained from our discovery work:


Research: history & context


Research: MOOC Market share


Conventions in MOOC


Value proposition canvas

To ensure that the learning app offers a compelling and irresistible value to our users, we have meticulously developed a Value Proposition Canvas. This powerful tool helps us identify and align our app's unique value proposition with the needs, desires, and challenges of our target audience. By empathising with our users, we gain insights into their motivations, goals, and the specific challenges they face in their educational journeys.

02. Define

The Define stage sets the course for the app's success by refining our product-market fit, establishing a sustainable economic model, understanding our competitors, and crafting a compelling value statement. These elements provide a clear direction for our app's development, marketing, and growth strategies. As we move forward, we remain dedicated to delivering a transformative learning experience that resonates with our users, exceeds their expectations, and empowers them to thrive in their educational journeys.

Product Market Fit |

Economic Model, Competitor Analysis, Value Statement


SWOT Analysis

As we chart the course for success with the learning app, we have conducted a comprehensive SWOT analysis to gain a deeper understanding of its internal strengths and weaknesses, as well as external opportunities and threats. This strategic analysis helps us identify areas of advantage and areas for improvement, enabling us to make informed decisions and leverage opportunities.

03. Develop

As we embark on the development phase of the groundbreaking learning app, we enter an exciting stage where our vision starts to materialize. In this Develop phase, we focus on translating our concepts into tangible digital experiences, with wireframes and What-If statements playing a crucial role in shaping our app's design and functionality. By refining the app's design, envisioning possibilities, and employing an agile approach, we lay the foundation for an exceptional learning experience that exceeds expectations.

Wireframes | Mid Fidelity

What If Statements | Exploring Possibilities


What if you could learn in small chunks of time auto-scheduled into your diary, at times that

suit you?

Learn Between will sync with your calendar & profile. Based on your profile settings it will auto allocate learning in 15 mins spaces in your diary, while protecting your “free’ time. In this way everyone can become a lifelong learner by taking small steps in improvement rather than large leaps. No more sitting in night classes or giving up your weekend to learn something unless of course you want to!


What if the best content could be delivered to you independent of

institution in a format that suits your learning style?

At Learn Between we understand.

We have made sure you only get the best content supported by world experts. We also know not everyone learns in the same way, to support you on your learning journey our app will learn what types of content formats you learn better with, to get you the best results. The best content tailor made to personalize your learning journey.