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My design philosophy is clarity, experience and impact while leaving space for fun.

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I'm Chrissy a UX Director, Leader, Mentor, Speaker & Award Winner with an Exec MBA. I build elevated experiences that drive business growth for digital products.

I am a Design & UX Director. I work within AI, fintech, health-tech, e-commerce, mobile, & digital product innovation. I am comfortable in design thinking, innovation management, product ownership, stakeholder management, testing methodologies, lean & agile, visual work & wireframing.

Professional Expertise

To be professionally successful in design, you need to be creative, adaptable, and willing to learn and experiment with new techniques and technologies. To be a good design leader however you have to be willing to develop your skills outside your own area to also excel at communication, and problem solving.


Design Craft

I have honed my craft through a combination of education, experience, & a passion for creating great experiences. My skillset includes proficiency in Figma, Adobe, design thinking, service design, UX design, wireframing, and the ability to work collaboratively with clients & colleagues.



I believe in leading by example, & take a collaborative approach to leadership that encourages openness & creativity. I am skilled at driving team productivity, while fostering a positive & supportive work environment. My leadership style includes setting clear goals &  regular coaching.


Data & Insights

I use data-driven insights to inform business decisions and drive meaningful outcomes. I communicate insights to stakeholders, enabling cross-functional collaboration and effective decision-making. I use testing results & data to inform and drive design & experience outcomes.


Culture & Teams

My personal philosophy on building great culture and teams centers around three key principles: collaboration, empathy, and growth.By empowering individuals to grow, we can build a strong, resilient team that can adapt to new challenges and achieve great things together.


Product Innovation

My experience includes working with cross-functional teams to develop & launch products from ideation to market. With a focus on user-centered design. My approach includes a deep understanding of customer insights. I am skilled in project management, ideation, prototyping, & testing.


Product Ownership

My philosophy revolves around three key principles: customer-centricity, continuous improvement, and strategic alignment. I ensure that product goals align with the company strategy. This requires a deep understanding of business objectives, the competitive landscape, and market trends. 

Companies I have worked for & with...

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